An Update on the New Parker 505

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Dave Parker has provided the below updates on the new Parker 505:
We have received much interest and comment on the new Parker 505, all good and informative. So here’s an update on what’s next . . .

The new Spinnaker Shute

All new boats will have the new Spinnaker shute, positioned higer through the front bulkhead, the shute will be some 12″x18″ in dimension exiting to port of the centerline, the tube will be off-horizontal accelerating drainage to the bow through a 35mm carbon tube that exits either side. Pictures to follow.

Adjustable Shroud Controls

Many questions around the ability to use an adjustable shroud track. Well we are working with Harken exclusively and using a turning bock above the carbon tube entry, we can accommodate an adjustable track, however it is not necessary to use the tube for the shrouds, these can be bypassed, by running the control lines forward past the line of the new deck and through the deck to the void to the mast step area.

Port Side Shute Launcher

I have talked to many more experienced sailors and sail manufacturers regarding putting the jib tack as far forward as possible, we all know that Steve Benjamin “wiped” most out in 1980 using this technique, I have spoken with Steve on many occasions and with assistance and advise from Ethan Bixby and many at La Rochelle during the summer, this will be a configuration option on our boats from the new year.

Many thanks for everyone’s comments (keep them coming), Jesse, Ethan, Steve, Mike, Jens, Peter, Howie and many, many others, including many old friends of my father Bill Parker.

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