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The 505 class is a tight-knit community of friendly sailors who love to share their knowledge and love for the boat. They are very helpful and always welcome to new members.

Sail the greatest racing dinghy in the world

Legendary Hull Design

The 5O5 is a double-handed boat that incorporates a lightweight, high-performance hull design with a powerful sail plan and one trapeze.

Performance in All Conditions

The boat is unique in that it has outstanding performance in all conditions. In light air, it is quick and responsive, and in the breeze, it just goes faster.

Experience the Speed

The first thing you will notice is sheer acceleration compared to other dinghies. It’s simply exhilarating and will make you never want to sail a slower boat again.

Unlike skiffs and foiling boats, the 505 is incredibly stable and easy to control in strong wind and high waves. Almost every adjustment can be made on the water. Most adjustments can be made while under way, which makes racing incredibly dynamic.

The best way to get a feel for the boat is to take a ride.