There’s a lot of cool old stuff worth reading in the library on this here site, but one of the many many awesome things dug out on the FB pages for 5/05 day (a celebration of the 505 Class, since Carl read this) was this shot of Steve Benjamin and Tucker Edmundson (who seems to be angling for a guest spot on the Podcast, or maybe that’s just me?) on the cover of Yachting Magazine from Buzzard’s Bay Regatta in 1981. Fairly fresh conditions, I’d say…

Anyhoo, Pete Alarie commented on the Instagram post that these guys were way ahead of the game with shroud tracks and a bunch of things we do now. Completely true. The original Yacht Racing and Cruising (for those of you for whom AARP mailers are still junk mail, that’s what Sailing World used to be called) article about their setup is available just a few rooms down on this site. Here, in fact. Go read it, it’s awesome.

Hopefully everyone’s dusting the cobwebs off. We’ve been out a few times in Region 1, there are 6 boats ready to go at the Common Fence Point 505 Academy (more on that later) and it’s looking like 3 on the water tomorrow.

Good times. Sailing is back.

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