The 505 American Section is a national chapter of the Internation 505 Class Association.  There are several regions in the United States where the 505 is sailed.  Currently, most of these regions are concentrated on the East and West Coast.  Fleet members are very open to newcomers and are willing to help.

The major way members communicate is using Google Groups mailing lists.  There are specific fleet lists that sailors may use to organize practices, as well as larger regional and national lists that are used announcements about major regattas.  You will need a Google Account in order to join the email lists.

Northeast (Region One)

Region One Mailing List

  • Rye, NY (Fleet #9)
  • Newport, RI (Fleet #25)
  • Kittery, ME / Portsmouth, NH ( Fleet #31)

Southeast (Region Two)

Region Two Mailing List

  • Hampton, VA (Fleet #8)
  • St. Petersburg, FL (Fleet #15)
  • West River (Fleet #19) – Website
  • Annapolis, MD (Fleet #40) – Fleet 40 Mailing List

Southwest (Region Five)

The Southwest region primarily use the West Coast Mailing List for communication.

  • Long Beach, CA ( Fleet #1)
  • Mission Bay, CA (Fleet #3)
  • Santa Cruz, CA (Fleet #11)
  • San Francisco, CA (Fleet #12) – Bay Area Mailing List

Northwest (Region Six)

The Northwest region primarily use the Northwest Mailing List for communication.