3D Printing 505 Parts

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I tried my hand on a few 3d printed parts for the 505.    Onshpape is free if you are willing to have your files publically available.  For the most part, I used *.stl files and which is a clearinghouse of sorts for a bunch of different 3D printing shops – it seemed to give the best price with the least shopping.   In most case printing in ABS, the printed part was cheaper than the shipping to Maui it arrived in the mailbox 5-7 working days – no muss no fuss.

Jib Cleat Risers & Compass Bracket

For the jib sheet cleat risers, I started with a CAD file from the web and sliced it to the height.

The tactik micro compass brackets below fit great – but the ABS melted during a road trip to the NAs 2019.  I used Compass_Mount_final_v1.stl from Thingiverse

3D printed tactik and jib risers

tactik micro mount and jib sheet cleat risers printed in ABS

I will need to test in the heat and see how it holds up compared to the ABS.

tactik micro mount in polycarbonate

tactik micro mount in polycarbonate

Halyard Lock

The halyard lock was more of a challenge.  I mangled the 40mm x 5 sex bolt and decided to go with one metric and one imperial.  To copy the existing part, I printed out 1mm graph paper and traced the outline. This worked well because when I scanned and imported it into the Onshape the hole spacing was 40mm, and spot-on in the trace – very lucky, no scaling.  Extrude the outline, drill a few holes, and subtract the slot. Not more than 6 hours at the computer, including learning the CAD basics. I did mess around with making my own bolts, but making the threads in CAD proved to be a big learning curve.

Tweaked halyard lock

Tweaked halyard lock

Tracing halyard lock

Tracing on 1mm graph paper

Halyard Lock Drawing

Part drawing

I printed in plastic and 316L stainless. The L contains less carbon. I looked at the Material Data Sheet but found the yield to be close and hardness to be similar to 316.

316L Mechanical Properties

The finished product

You can see that the holes are not round, corrected with a rat-tail file.

Printed Halyard Lock

3D Printed Halyard Lock

Printed Halyard Lock Holes

Holes Requiring Filing

Installed but not trade wind tested (yet).  I can report back in a few months.
Halyard Lock Installed

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