Membership dues help defray the modest costs of administration, promotion, and events put on by the American Section. While the dues may seem insignificant, they are of critical importance to our class. Membership is required for participants at major American Section Championships and they also support the class dues that are paid the International 505 Class each year.


Associate Member

An Associate Member is a Non-Boat Owner. He or she may act as helmsman or crew in any American Section event. Associate Members may hold office but can’t vote in member ballots.

Full Member

A Full Member is a Boat Owner or Part Owner of a registered 505. He or she can participate in any American Section event, hold office, and vote in member ballots with a limit of one vote per boat.

Pricing Plans

Benefactor - $100

The Benefactor plan is our top tier level of membership. It shows you support the class with your name prominently displayed on the website.

Family - $75

The Family plan is perfect for a household of 505 sailors. With a family plan, you can add as many family members as you want on one payment plan.

Single - $60

The Single plan is our most basic plan. You will be eligible to participate in major American Section Championship regattas.

Single (Under 30) - $40

If you are under 30 years old, this discounted pricing plan is perfect for you.

Single (Under 22) - FREE

That’s right! FREE! If you’re under 22 years old, your membership is absolutely free!