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This is NOT the Official 505 Winter Clinic Report

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But I have not seen anyone else write one, so some quick points.

The clinic was held out of the Clearwater Community Sailing Center Friday, Jan 24 through Sunday, Jan 26. Ethan Bixby (supported by a varying cast, and by people rotating in and out) ran the drills. For anyone who does not already live in Florida, conditions were fabulous, warm and sunny, with trapezing on Friday (marginal trapezing for the big citizen crews), and a bit more on Saturday (time to depower for the small citizen crews).

Sunday was light in the AM so we watched and discussed a number of excellent videos taken Friday and Saturday before a few teams went out again.

I think I counted eight teams participating, though not everyone was there every day. We had a range of skills and experience within the group. As everyone knows Ethan won the 505 worlds and won the 505 NAs at least once in four decades. But there was another 505 NAs winner, an Albacore World Champion, Contender Canadian Champion, a 12m America’s Cup sailor, and it would take a while to determine how many 505 East Coast Championships had been won by clinic participants. We also had sailors new to the 505.

Despite the range in 505 experience, everyone benefited. This was partly due to everyone getting attention from the coaches and being videoed for later viewing and discussion by the group, but also because there was some rotating of sailors between 505s, and off the coach boat.

The standard drill was a rabbit start and the group lined up on starboard, initially far enough apart that everyone had a good lane, and holding this for some time while the coach boat followed each team, made suggestions, and shot video. Then upon hearing a few whistle blasts everyone would tack, bear away, and hoist, and wire run back to the starting mark.

On Saturday this drill was followed by an upwind-downwind race drill with a minimum number of tacks and gybes. In Sunday’s lighter breeze the group worked on sit running.

Russell posted the RaceQS links in earlier emails. Here they are again.

  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday (was lighter, so we watched and discussed video in the AM, and a few teams went out in the PM)

There was a LOT of video shot. Some or all of it should be available at some point.

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