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Santa Cruz Spring Training – 2019

By April 14, 2019 May 9th, 2019 No Comments

This last weekend 7 teams trained out of Santa Cruz, on Saturday in near perfect conditions we ran a bunch of speed line up drills, focusing on speed and holding tight lines, one of the weaknesses of the West Coast fleet and something we want to improve on as we go forward. After a couple of hours of upwind and downwind, we ran 4 short races, changing the game up from speed to racing practice. It was instantly obvious where we were all improving, with the tight racing seeing many place changes and the World Champion having it far from his own way. After racing we had a really interesting debrief, going over what we learned. Unfortunately, you had to be there. So, make sure next time you are! How often do you get to sail with the best in the World?

Following the debrief we all went to Carl’s sister’s house, who conveniently lives a couple of blocks from the YC for a BBQ and the telling of tall stories. None of the ones about my car driving are true…

Sunday saw different conditions, a strong, up to mid 20’s offshore, light on the beach breeze that put the onus on changing gears and keeping your head out of the boat. As the day went on, everyone had their moments of being the fastest boat and our overall game was improving and we were all learning how to dial in the speed for the conditions.

A big thanks to those who made it, bad news for those who didn’t, the fastest in the World are out practicing and training and you weren’t there!

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