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Long Beach Training Weekend

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10/14/2013 UPDATE:
Day 1 Photo Album Courtesy of Glaser Sails
Day 2 Video Clips Courtesy of Glaser Sails
Day 3 Video Clips Courtesy of Glaser Sails
Day 4 Photo Album Courtesy of Glaser Sails
Day 4 Video Clips Courtesy of Glaser Sails

Howard Hamlin Graciously organized another fantastic training weekend on the west coast and provided the following report. The American Section recently voted to devote more funding for these training events next year so keep your eye out for the 2014 schedule and plan to attend. No better way to get up to speed and see what the top sailors in the class are doing to improve their game!

We had 21 boats show up for 4 days of fantastic warm sailing out of Alamitos Bay YC.  We sailed almost 40 races, averaging about 10 per day.  Jay and Pease Glaser ran a pre-brief in the morning, then set the course and provided on the water coaching followed by a de-brief at the end of each day where everyone shared information.  We had a range of wind from 4 knots to 15 knots with the vast majority of sailing in wire running conditions.

I consistently heard from everyone how this format was more fun and more beneficial than any regular regatta.  The Glaser’s saw dramatic improvement over the weekend.  Thanks so much to Jay and Pease and all those who attended, providing good ideas and some fantastic tight racing.  Here is who attended:

AJ Crane/Blaine Pedlow
Bob Tenet/Rich Mundell
Brian Trainor/Evan Jennings
Channing Hamlet/Sean Aiken
Chris Pittack/Annie Fitzgerald
Dan Esdorn/Nick Martin
Eben Russel/Jay Miles
Harrison Turner/Sam Haythorn
Howard Hamlin/Andy Zinn
Ian O’Leary/Chris Burlson
JB Turney/Ashley Lyon
Jeff Condon/Reeve Dunne
Jeff Miller/Pat Diola
Krysia Pohl/James Weigand
Mike Martin/Andrew “Dog” Palfrey &  Jeff Nelson
Paul Allen/Jon Bell
Rob Waterman/Aaron Ross
Ryan Cox/Stuart Park
Ted Conrads/Holt Condon
Tim Murphy/Antoine Laussu  & Oliver  
Zack Downing/Paul Von Grey

We will look at trying to schedule another one in early spring next year.

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