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Newport Fleet Regatta – 2020

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Day 1

Based on the forecast we delayed until 3p today, which worked out perfectly. Ryan Palardy and Garrett Connolly from the URI Sailing Team ran 4 great races. Each race was just a bit windier than the race before, and by the third race we were trapping downwind. 

Standings after 4 races are:

8786 – 7
8951 – 7
8708 – 12
8913 – 14
6985 – 20
7359 – 25

Team Ingalls (8786) is going to look pretty flash once the throw out factors in, as they’ll keep three guns, but with a nice course length on the shorter side of normal every boat is in the mix.

Today goes to show how very little it takes to have a nice day of 505 racing. With 1 motorboat, 2 capable RC people, and 3 marks, we had a great day.

Thanks again to Ryan and Garrett, and to John Ingalls for sourcing the motorboat. We’ll have a louder start sequence whistle/horn tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s forecast looks ideal, very similar today but coming in much earlier and with a bit more kick. We’ll start first race at 11a, no race starts after 3p.

Day 2

Excellent conditions for 4 more races today. Course leg length was increased per consensus, and though I was initially salty about limiting to 4 races today, with the longer courses we sailed much more today than yesterday. And with the bigger breeze and absolutely crazy chop, it was tiring. The first race started in the low to mid-teens, and the last race finished in the high teens with some bigger gusts (per the Rose Island Sailflow meter, and our using the flattener reef in the last race).

Thanks to everyone for coming out. We got rewarded with a superb weekend of sailing. For an impromptu regatta to get 6 boats was awesome. Without late-breaking COVID restrictions and effects it would have been 10 or 11 boats without any out-of-region people.

Even on the longer course, it was still tight racing. Alex and Ben in 6985 had great pace upwind, Mike B and Chris had their usual great pace downwind, and Bob and Clay made a big jump up the learning curve. The Bachelor Party (Ben and Ted) led at least one race, with more sailing time they’ll be flying. Noted strongman Luke Ingalls tried to break their spreader on a douse but otherwise Luke and John are rolling. Parker had the goods today and I managed to keep up for the most part when I wasn’t freaking out about seagrass on our blades (what’s up with that crap this year?).

Thanks again to John for sourcing the committee boat, and to Ryan and Garrett for running great races.

Final results (8 races, 1 throwout)

8951 Parker/Dave – 9
8786 Luke/John – 12
8708 Ben/Ted – 20
9183 Mike/Chris – 26
6985 Alex/Ben – 38
7359 Bob/Clay – 41

Pending any further restrictions/whatevers, the next event is Newport Regatta on August 29/30 and then Wickford Regatta 2 weekends later on September 12/13. Boats will be sailing from Sail Newport on some weeknights and possibly a weekend day or 3 between now and the Newport Regatta.

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