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Worlds = Go! ECCs = Register!

The 2021 Worlds are unofficially officially a go! The COVID squall that had Bermuda on shaky ground has passed, and they are back to regular rum squall warning status. The remaining sticking point had been the ability of some countries (notably AUS) to feasibly send their fleets to BER, but as there were only likely to be 3 Australian teams attending anyway, they gave the go ahead to party without them. All the registration and other info on this sucker is here.

Swizzle Inn, Stagger Out!

The path to said Worlds goes through West River Sailing Club in Galesville, MD next weekend. Notable teams schedule to appear are top Worlds favorites (and past ECCs winners, and derelict registrants, get on this Carl!) Mike Holt and Carl Smit, defending ECC winners (and derelict registrants, get on this John!) Luke and John Ingalls, past NA and Midwinter winners Mike Zani and Pete Alarie beginning their reunion tour (they’ll have a march stand for the devoted), past World- and defending Midwinters champ Ethan Bixby (with Chris B?), Macy “I’ve got so many NAs trophies I keep them in the garage” Nelson sailing with Russ “Mustache Ride” Miller, and a bunch of other boats that will make it hard to get into the top 5. THERE ARE A LOT OF TEAMS MISSING FROM THE ENTRY LIST APART FROM THOSE LISTED HERE: Ali? Mike Breton? The entire Hampton fleet except of course for Henry who is not only handsome and erudite but socially responsible, etc. GET ON THIS, people!! Don’t you want to tack on us at every cross like Luke and John do? Registration info here. Next stop is RJ goes door to door banging heads, and no one wants that.

Reeve’s been lame about recording the next episode of The 505cast so that’s delayed, but we’ll have a bunch of special bonus content from ECCs so be ready for that.

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