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Wickford Regatta 2020

By September 22, 2020 September 28th, 2020 No Comments

by Duane Delfosse

Sorry to be slow summarizing what occurred at Wickford….my memory is already fading.  It was a VERY GOOD weekend of racing!

8 Races, 4 per day.  It was very close racing with a number of overlapped finishes on longish 50 minute courses.  The RC did a great job keeping us going with short or no breaks between races.  Saturday was a bit lighter, shifty and local pressure spots.  Alex and Julia were spot on out of the gun winning the first two races.  As the breeze built a little, the heavier crews started to shine.  Day two brought slightly more breeze, a bit less shifty, and Dave/Parker and Luke/John came on strong.
I sailed with Ted Bjerregaard instead of Tom H (Covid scare) and we had good fun soring many 2nd places, but not enough to take 2nd!  Ted wants to sail 505s more, crew or driver….at NE and on the sailing team.
Congrats to Luke and John for winning and Dave/Parker a close second. It came down to the last race.
Great sailing and wish we had had a debrief.  (and a cold adult beverage together, but with masks somehow.  )
The crew at Wickford YC did a great job running a safe and fun regatta.  It can be done, and done well.  Thanks Wickford YC and Skip!
8786 Luke and John – 13
8951 Parker and Dave – 15
8930 Duane and Ted – 16
8081 Alex and Julian – 21
9183 Mike and Chris – 33

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