West Coast calendar updated, site tweaks afoot

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The schedule section now includes the known West Coast and Canadian event dates (it takes the calendar a day to update so they’re not live quite yet), so now we just need the PNW slackers to firm up their agenda and we’ll have the full schedule up.

We wouldn’t be 505 sailors if we didn’t take a perfectly good platform and rerig it to some harebrained scheme. So, with Adam Wlnikowski’s help (and by “help” I mean he’s going to do it completely) and Brendan’s blessing, there will be a Tinder-style skipper/crew matching function on the site, and then a new look to the home page. The goal for the home page is to put news, info, and stories front and center to prioritize functionality for people currently sailing 505s, while still keeping it welcoming for people interested in joining.

TankTalk has been such an institution for so many years. If you added up all the people who were first introduced to the Class through a tattered copy of the print edition in the YCYC bathrooms (and just how gross that sounds is not lost on me in this pandemic era), well holy cow you’d have quite a list. What exact shape TankTalk takes going forward is on my mind a lot these days. To the marketing mind, it’s a property that has a lot of valuable equity, which to the sailor means something closer to “don’t mess with it or you’ll never find a lane on another beat again.” So I wonder a lot about how to respect and leverage its past while making it more prominent and useful in the current Class info setup. The suggestion box is wide open on that one (maybe a topic for an upcoming Wednesday Coffee Talk?).

If you don’t already follow on Instagram and Facebook, please do so. There’s been some fun stuff going on there. The Macy episode of the 505cast should be up next week, and we’re about to pop the cap on the 2021 season at the Zani YC on Saturday. It’s beginning to feel like sailing season.

Go fast and keep it upright.


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