Was ist das?

By September 10, 2011 4 Comments


  • Ethan Bixby says:

    Interesting and I like the look, but don't we have plenty of sail area as it is? Maybe this would be ok for lake sailing in light air. But I think the A-sail will do a lot more for the class long term. We just need to figure out how to retro-fit retractable poles easily. Ethan

  • JB says:

    I agree with you on both points Ethan. It's a cool aesthetic, but not sure we need more upwind power. Might be harder to jibe too with all of that roach.

  • Anonymous says:

    Big roach main and aluminum mast perhaps not the best combination. It does make the boat look more modern though.

    Retrofitting a retractable pole seems to be difficult without compromising the watertight integrity of the bow tank or infringing on the launcher tube. Some creative engineering would be required, and it wouldn't be the same on all boats.

  • Jim Englert says:

    I am w Ethan too. I think the A spin would be good, assuming a pole retro fit could be worked out.

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