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Distance Race and SSA Fall Series Report

By September 29, 2019 September 30th, 2019 No Comments
distance race winners

We had an awesome Fall Series last weekend. The 8 boats that attended were treated to an amazing distance race is a 12-18 knot southerly on Saturday. Former SSA member Brendan Connell sailing with RJ Bay won the race after amassing a huge led at Thomas Point only to have Macy and Russell pass them at R92 and Jesse and Henry hot on their tail. They had the balls to cut way inside at Greenbury Point, cutting distance and staying in better pressure. Jesse and Henry also cut in but nowhere near as close. This allowed them to pass Macy and Russ, who played it really safe. Lauren and Ali were repeat winners for the mixed team category, placing 5th overall. The leaders finished the race in approximately 2 hrs 15 minutes which is pretty quick for the 17-mile course and considering over 21 miles were sailed.

It seemed the key going down to Thomas Point was to get towards the western shore early for better pressure, then into the bay later for the same. Jesse and Henry sailed deep towards the western shore after rounding R2 and got smoked! The key downwind was staying in the pressure which allowed deeper angles. Staying east of rum line proved to be the ticket. Obstacles were aplenty, with fishing boats, cruisers, and a tug/barge combo plowing straight down the channel as the lead boats were on the last stretch to R92. That’s all part of the challenge!

Results of the Distance Race

PosSailBoatSkipper/CrewRace 1 PosTotal PointsPos
18857Connell, Brendan/, RJ Bay111
29041Falsone, Jesse/, Henry Amthor222
39095 GNelson, Macey/, Russell333
49095Nelson, Nick/Averill, Kelsey444
59200Schoene, Lauren/, Ali Meller555
67359Brady, Catherine/, James McKenna666
78883Renda, Michael/, Crew - Michael Renda. Driver - Ben Komar.777
87606Andron, Paul/, Saesha Carlile888
9TTBDAppel, James/, Curtis Hartman12/DNC12.00T9T
9T8244Smiley, Patrick/, Carlos Linares, Michael Parramore, Kyra12/DNC12.00T9T
9T8854Praley, Jimmy/, Geoff Gales12/DNC12.00T9T

We had three really challenging races in a puffy/shifty northerly yesterday, with Jesse and Henry coming out on top for the day and with consistent finishes, took the victory in the Fall Series event. No lead was safe, especially on the runs!

PosSailSkipper123Total PointsPos
19041Falsone, Jesse12251
29095 GNelson, Macey31482
38857Connell, Brendan26193
492007200Schoene, Lauren553134
57359Brady, Catherine635145
69095Nelson, Nick446146
78883Renda, Michael777217
87606Andron, Paul812/DNF12/DNC328
9TTBDAppel, James12/DNC12/DNC12/DNC36.00T9T
9T8244Smiley, Patrick12/DNC12/DNC12/DNC36.00T9T
9T8854Praley, Jimmy12/DNC12/DNC12/DNC36.00T9T

We had some first-timers out there including Ben Komar sailing with Renda and Saesha Carlile sailing with Paul Andon. A good time was had by all.

If you missed this weekend, you missed some of the best sailing and racing of the year!

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