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Elvstrom/Zellerbach @ StFYC

Report by Eric Anderson

It was awesome to be back on the water with everyone. Shifty conditions in the 7-15 range, lots of tactical sailing + chutes/ladders, and lots of current on the outside.  Mike/Adam and Mike/Steve duked it out in the front on Saturday, while the other four boats nipped at their heels and fought it out for third. Jeff/Reeve had a couple killer downwinds where they perfectly hooked into a puff at the top mark and ground down several boats. Courses were single, double, and triple W/L’s, nothing to report there.
We had a debrief on Saturday in the boatpark which covered equal parts sailing and local mountain biking. Most of us were at 9 and 8 rake throughout Saturday, and then 7 falling back to 4 +/- 1 on Sunday.  Getting the shifts right was more important; on Saturday the shifts were fast moving and you had to be lined up on/under the leeward edge. On Sunday the shifts were a little slower moving and longer- you could dig a boatlength or two into them before taking them back.  Unsurprisingly, the top teams were best at this 🙂
The TTN group is headed back to StFYC today to do our weekly practice and get our boats, so right back at it.  SCYC in June is the next formal event, although there are some noises about an informal regatta around Memorial Day.



Michael Martin
Adam Lowry


Jeff Miller
Reeve Dunne


Eric Anderson
Caleb Yoslov


Mike Holt
Steve Bourdow


Ali Meller
Mike Smith


Bruce Edwards
Don Smith


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