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Curtis and James – Kings of the River

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Curtis and James won the inaugural Kings of the River spring championship at West River Sailing Club, May 4-5. They had one fewer “what if” moment than the others. Renda and Sego were well on their way to victory. They were finding the wind and sailing the angles nicely. But their brand-new Glaser main fell down. Curtis and James stayed in the wind and their main halyard worked. Then, Barney and RJ tried to step into the breach. RJ’s only pre-condition with Barney was they wire-run when the conditions warrant it. Barney honored that deal and they sailed nicely off the wind. But their jib halyard broke in the last race. That dropped them from first to third. Curtis and James sailed well off the wind and their jib halyard worked.

Heidi Bay and her crew ran 6 races for twelve boats on Saturday and Sunday. We had two light-air races on Saturday and four beautiful races on Sunday in about 9-14 knots. The good news was that we had a lot of new people, including four high schoolers, and folks who had been gone for a while. Young Jackson Montague and his old man are going much better.  Young Kyle Pfrang and his father sailed really well. Owen and Marcus – two youth sailors from Annapolis Yacht club – sailed an older Lindsay. Watch out for those guys. Brendan has a new pre-preg boat from Pegasus! Kahn did not worry about the budget when he built that boat. Thanks to Eric for coming from VA to christen that boat. Sego and Nick Nelson are back! We need them to stay. Dave and Jay are sailing much faster so they are in the mix now. Nate Barton did a nice job in the front of Marek’s boat. Ali sailed with Carl Smit on Sunday. They had their moments.

The real leader was Geoffrey Gales. Life can get in the way of 505s. Geoff’s wife was working so he lined up a baby sitter to come to West River for the day to watch his three kids. Thanks to Geoff and Jimmy for coming despite a million reasons not to.

Final Scores:

PosSail  Team 1  2  3  4  5  6 Total
1  9165  Curtis /James1  2  [13/DNS]  4  4  1  12T  
2  USA 9095  Nick/Macy [8]  4  2  3  1  2  12T  
3  USA 8643  RJ/Barney   2  3  6  1  2  [13/DNF]  14  
4  9200  Carl/Ali   [13/DNS]  13/DNS  3  2  3  3  24  
5  8854  Geoff/Jimmy4  5  [10]  6  9  5  29  
6  9139  Latane/Jackson7  [8]  5  8  5  7  32  
7  8883  Renda/Sego  5  1  1  [13/DNS]  13/DNS  13/DNS  33  
8  8857  Eric/Brendan [13/DNS]  13/DNS  4  5  6  6  34  
9  9138  Nate/Marek[9]  9  8  7  7  4  35  
10  8822  Jay/David   6  7  7  9  8  [13/DNS]  37  
11  8819  Chris/Kyle[10]  10  9  10  10  8  47  
12  7197  Marcus/ Oweb3  6  [13/DNS]  13/DNS  13/DNS  13/DNS  48  

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