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A note from the new Tank Talk editor

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505s going downwind at ECCs 2019

Hi! Thank you to the Class for trusting me to take over from Brendan, and a huge thanks to Brendan for getting things to where a tech mortal can do this job.

Send photos.

By way of introduction, I got involved with 505s again starting last summer, when Kivney hooked me up with Mark Linker, who generously let me use his boat for a couple of events. I say “again” because I had sailed 505s for a bit after college, and then got distracted for the better part of 25 years. So I bought Curtis Hartmann’s second boat (8951) late last fall and started sailing it at the Midwinters, where Parker and I took off the covers, learned what color the boat was and tried to figure out how to make it go. We’ve now spent a big part of a season sailing from undisclosed locations thanks to COVID restrictions, figured out how to stay upright for the most part (except during day 1 of ECCs…), had our first trailering horror story, exploded the kite you see in the photo above, bent the mast, tried to destroy the centerboard trunk (thanks again Henry and Barney), won a few races, and had a lot of fun.

Send photos.

Inasmuch as I have an agenda for this thing (I do), it’s to spread info and excitement about the Class. The huge majority of “create excitement” piece of this comes from everyone reading this. If this all goes well, anyone in the audience should be able to step into a 505 conversation in any region and have a pretty good clue about what’s up.

Send photos.

Regattas and racing are a huge part of the Class and always will be, so much of what’s happened in the Class this year has been not about racing. Fortunately, between all of the history and great characters in the Class, and the boats themselves, there’s tons to talk about that should keep the Class fresh and exciting even for the vets, and should help other people just finding us to catch the bug as well.

Send photos.

In line with that, there are a few new Tank Talk features that will debut soon. The first is “Crossing Tacks With..” which will be a series of virtual bar chats (even if the subject is too young for the bar) with a broad range of 505 sailors and friends, past and present, old and new, driver and crew. The next is “The Garage,” in which various gurus will enlighten us on boat and rigging projects that hopefully help make getting and keeping your yacht at full speed a bit easier and more productive. Last, we’ll lean on some of the fastest teams and sailors to fess up about what they do to get to the front. The mailbox is always open for topic suggestions.

Send photos.

Tank Talk is a great resource, and paper copies of it hanging around at various yacht clubs and college boathouses probably introduced a lot of us to 505s, but Tank Talk alone doesn’t cut it these days. So we’ll also use social platforms and whatever other means pop up to spread the good word.

Also, did I mention – send photos.

Please get in touch through my usa505,org address, which is “Dave@”



(and send photos)


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