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2020 505 ECCs @ Hampton YC

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A bit of a new thing for regatta reports is to get them from the winner’s perspective. We’ll go with that for a while and see how it goes,, and probably switch it around some. This one come’s from a driver’s perspective, but we’ll want to hear from the guys who really know what’s going on too. If you know Luke and John, you’ll appreciate that Luke usually has a few more things to say, which made this easy. Enjoy.

This weekend’s 505 east coast championship in Hampton, VA was a blast of a regatta, offering all sorts of sailing conditions and great competition for those lucky enough to be involved. Tyler Moore told a really nice story in memory of Geoff Ewenson Friday morning at the skippers meeting, and the class flag flown for the event was an “EWE” flag, in honor of Geoff. He was clearly a great presence in the class for many years and his loss will be felt by many for a long time.

The first day of racing was a blustery one. Checking the sail flow wind meters and reports before I left the dock, I knew we were in for some high-octane racing. We left the dock raked nearly all the way back and proceeded to rake even further back shortly after leaving the dock. With the boat fully depowered and geared up to go fast it was just a matter of being ready to ease the main and put the bow down fast enough when the roaring 28+kt puffs came blasting through. The downwinds were exhilarating and treacherous, as most, if not all boats spent at least some time upside down during the day. Racing was tight throughout the day and in nearly survival conditions, it paid to be able to get to the shifts on the upwind, but what paid even more was staying upright all the way around the course.


Day two was expected to be the light air day of racing, and the forecast tended to be somewhat accurate. The day was spent searching for puffs as the differential between the lulls and puffs could be extreme. Crews agility was put to the test as they went back and forth between full out trapping and coming almost all the way into the boat if you happened to find yourself in a severely light spot. The key to the day was to be able to hold your spot off the gate and stay in phase on your way to the windward mark. As far as going downwind, both crews’ and skippers’ judgement and agility were tested as puffs coming down the course made for wire running conditions and quick, smooth transitions back to dead downwind mode were required after these prized fingers of breeze passed. The tough conditions made for four incredible races.

One of the more profound midnight marine repairs

The third day had a potentially bleak outlook with a questionable forecast, but with good judgement by the race committee we were able to get in two more great races. The breeze started in full power conditions, but quickly increased in strength and shifted right during the first race. The first boats to make their adjustments and get the boat in the groove were at a clear advantage early, able to punch through the chop that was getting larger by the minute. Speed was the name of the game and the margins were tight all the way around the course, with boats battling their way up and downwind, trading overlaps and leads. The day finished in balmy 15+ kt conditions, with everyone speeding around the course in ideal conditions for the 505. Overall, the 2020 505 East Coast Championship was a beautifully organized event that got sailors (somewhat) together for some really good competition in Hampton in some really difficult times.

Luke Ingalls

USA 8786

Full results here.

Top 5

Luke Ingalls/John Ingalls – 17

Clark Hayes/Eric Schwab – 20

Dave Kirkpatrick/Parker Colantuono – 30

Henry Amthor/Chris Pfrang – 33

Barney Harris/Jackson Montague – 45


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