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2018 Fall Dinghy

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Last weekend the last California regatta of the year was held. Due to a container heading to Freo numbers were down on the usual attendance and those that decided shopping, gardening or reading a book was a better option missed out on a fantastic weekend of racing.

Saturday started with some low clouds and fog and breeze a little left of usual. With a flood tide and wind starting out as marginal trapping, playing the beach was the play, but doing so with the lifting lefty puffs was the gold. Reeve and Mike started out hot with the win in race one, although Pat and Jeff are probably still kicking themselves, giving up the lead on the beat and then gybing to the beach downwind to set the scene for the day, Rob and Mike 2nd, Paul and Pierre 3rd with Andrew and Tim have a great race close behind in 4th. I think they led every race at some stage, but got themselves on the wrong side of too many shifts. Steve and Bob took the win in the next race, passing Reeve and Mike downwind, before Reeve and Mike got back to winning ways in Race 3 as the wind built to full wire running conditions. Race 4, yes 4 races in one day, we were earning the lovely food and beer St Francis Yacht Club kindly supply, was won by Rob and Mike with everyone close on their heels.

Sunday was an almost carbon copy on the weather, starting in marginal trapping and ending with the rigs back a couple of inches and full on wire running. Overnight the points were close, Reeve and Mike held a 1 point advantage over Rob and Mike, with Steve and Bob back a couple more and Pat and Jeff and Andrew and Tim not out of contention despite an OCS. Rob and Mike took the win in race 5 from Pat and Jeff moving them into the lead but with a discard now in scores were getting closer. Race 6 and Steve and Bob took charge to win from Rob and Mike, with many places changing and really close racing it really could have gone anyway. But now the points were; Rob/Mike on 8, Steve/Bob 11, Reeve/Mike 11 and Pat/Jeff on 15. All to play for.

Reeve and Mike pushed hard on Rob and Mike, forcing them out to the current, but in doing so gave Pat and Jeff the advantage on the beach. The fleet all compressed on the beach and lots of tacks and place changes took place as we all took our chances on the beach, we hit bottom as I suspect did others and I am sure the beachgoers had an up close and personal experience as we battled to the windward mark. By the first mark, Pat/Jeff led, followed by Rob/Mike then Steve/Bob, it stayed the same way down the run and the following beat saw Mike and Rob glued to Reeve and Mike. Pat and Jeff managed to find themselves on the wrong side of the pressure again and Rob and Mike, despite their best efforts to let Pat and Jeff stay ahead found themselves in the lead. A fast run down to the finish saw lots of gybes as everyone tried to find a way through to improve their positions. But where it mattered, at the finish, Rob and Mike took the win, giving them the event, Bob and Steve 2nd, giving them second a 4th  enough for Reeve and Mike to take 3rd overall.

As ever a really well run and fun event from St Francis and their race team.


1 USA 9202 Mike Holt
Rob Woelfel
IO Integration

Santa Cruz YC

10 2 (3) 3 1 1 2 1
2 USA 9009 Bob Tennant
Steve Bourdow
RVic YC 13 (6) 1 4 2 3 1 2
3 USA 8714 Mike Martin
Reeve Dunne
Black Boat


15 1 2 1 (4) 4 3 4
4 USA 8680 Jeff Miller
Patrick Diola


18 (5) 4 2 3 2 4 3
5 USA 8937 Tim Murphy MYC 30 4 6 (OCS-8) 5 5 5 5
6 USA 9190 Pierre jeangirard
Paul Vongrey
Oak harbor yacht club 37 3 5 5 (DNS-8) DNC-8 DNC-8 DNC-8
7 USA 8084 Aaron Ross
Rob Waterman
Rob’s Olde Boat

Santa Cruz Yacht Club

48 DNC-8 DNC-8 (DNC-8) DNC-8 DNC-8 DNC-8 DNC-8

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