2015 505 Class Annual Meeting
September 19, 201
Severn Sailing Association
Class Officers Attending
Ian Connors: President
Craig Thompson: Information Officer
Macy Nelson: Treasurer
Mike Holt: Measurer
Class Officers Not Present
JB Turney: VP
Matt Barry: Secretary
Regional Reports:
Region 1 – Drew Buttner:
Good top half of fleet participation.  Losing the bottom half of the fleet and struggling with overall participation. Need to figure out how to get participation up.
Region 2 – Jesse Falsone:
Focus has been prep for 2015 NA’s. New flow of interest. How to get unused boats into hands of new people is a key ossue. We would like everyone to be proud of Worlds in 2017. Request for feedback from NA’s and 2016 Worlds in Weymouth.
Region 5 – Howie Hamlin:
Good growth in California. Santa Barbara PCC’s. Jeff miller sold a few of his boats.
Region 6 – Paul Von Grey
PNW. Interesting year. Solid growth in Bellingham area. Weekly sailing and 9 boats in the yard. Abundance of crews. Email list has started. All boats in the yard are out racing. Infectious situation with more people looking for boats. Communication seems to be the key for the growth. Not necessarily targeting the top tier sailors. Build up numbers and that alone will attract more of the top sailors.
Vice President: Paul Von Grey was voted in ads new Vice President.
Treasurer: Macy Nelson was voted to stay in role
IO: Craig Thompson was voted to stay in role
Measurer: Mike Holt voted to stay in role. Brendan Connell to be responsible for Worlds measurement.
Officer Reports:
Treasurer Report: Financially strong. Took a hit in 2014 with shipping fiasco, but recovering in 2015.
Jesse Falsone motion to collect all dues electronically. Motion tabled.
2016 NA’s Update:
Bellingham wind is quite consistent, but not a “big breeze” venue. Nice town, many breweries. People in town are excited about hosting the event. Fundraising underway and they have been meeting for months PRO is here in attendance. Very grassroots boat park. They will have a food truck. Coin op showers. Possible whale watching boat for spectators. Working on club members and a nearby hotel for accomodation.
2017 NA’s proposals:
New Bedford Community Boating Center. Target June. Why not August?
Vote to allocate $2000 each year to defray shipping costs: Motion passed by majority vote.
Discussion of Media campaign. Chris love reports and video production update.
Still seeking title sponsor for 2017 Worlds.