Woelfel and Kirkpatrick Awarded Cahn and Surtees Awards for 2021

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The Dave Cahn Sportsmanship and Dennis Surtees Service Awards for 2021 were presented to Rob Woelfel and Dave Kirkpatrick at the closing ceremony of the recent North Americans in Newport. For history of the awards and their past recipients, see https://usa505.org/library/awards/
Below are the nominating letters for each recipient this year.
Dave Cahn Award – Rob Woelfel
“I nominate Rob Woelfel for the Dave Cahn Sportsmanship Award.
A fierce but fair competitive spirit on the water, and a kind and generous philosophy off the water. Rob is the prototype good guy that you want to be around. He might save it for the courtroom and his three sons, but you’re not going to see him mad or frowning in the dinghy park. Some might contribute this positive attitude to his vast racing success, but Rob was the same person 20 years ago as a novice near the back of the fleet.
Rob is the guy you want to have a beer with after sailing, and there’s a higher than average chance he’s going to hand you that beer.”

© Matias Capizzano

Dennis Surtees Award – Dave Kirkpatrick

“For the service award I’d like to nominate Dave Kirkpatrick. He jumped into the class communications role and has exceeded expectations with all those great published interviews and postings. He also has been a huge supporter of the New England and East Coast community by organizing pairings and being super helpful.”
Congrats and thanks Rob! I’m in the awkward spot of writing this, so I’ll say thanks to the Class, it’s a big honor.

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