Waterat Sailing Equipment has graciously provided their mast rigging specification which you can view at the bottom of this page. HOWEVER, READ THESE SPECIFICATION UPDATES FIRST! They are not reflected on the diagram. Note that the specification was last updated in 1999, which was before the Class changed to the larger spinnaker (2002). Also, all dimensions should be verified to your own specific boat layout prior to drilling any holes. Waterat Sailing Equipment takes no responsibility for the information provided in this Specification. A good rule of thumb is to compare mast measurements and rigging with a top local fleet member, someone with a similar vintage boat, or someone else who you intend to train with.

Specification Updates

  • shroud length was changed to 16’4″ (Note: this is two inches shorter than the old spec, and what you get if you cut off the old swaged-on fittings right next to the fitting, and swage on new ones)
  • spinn halyard at new maximum height (see International Measurement Rules)
  • pole lift at maximum height under jib halyard
  • pole launcher fitting at about 900mm
  • jib halyard: 1/8″ vectran
  • trap wires 7/64″ or 1/8″ spectra, or 1/8″ vectran
  • pole lift 7/64″ spectra