Editor’s Note: Original article posted to the fleet 13 website

The old pin reinforcements were removed(with difficulty) using putty knives and a chisel. The bonding surfaces were sanded well with 100 grit paper. The old CB pin holes were filled.

The mahogany reinforcements were cut to size. Exposed edges were rounded over using a 1/4″ radius round over bit in the router table. The reinforcements were pre-finished/sealed with 2 coats of West System 105/207 with a light sanding in between coats. The epoxy is allied with a brush and tipped off with a foam roller cover. This method is well defined on the Gougeon Brothers web site.

The pieces were then bonded in using the Two Step Bonding Method. Nothing exciting about this step, just make sure that there is enough adhesive around all edges to make a fillet.

After all the fillets have been cleaned and the pieces are in place be sure to clean up all surfaces with a clean rag and acetone. I was careful to also clean the pre-finished surfaces of the reinforcements to avoid having to sand them later.

Next step is to do the same thing on the opposite side. After that, both sides will get 2 coats of clear 2-part polyurethane varnish.