Editor’s Note: Article originally published to fleet 13 website

From left to right:

  1. Right angle drill adapter. $16.99 at Harbor Freight Tools.This is a great way to turn a normal drill into a right angle drill for putting holes in those tight corners of the boat. There are pneumatic versions that get you a slightly smaller offset, but for the price, this is a really handy tool.
  2. Angle die grinder. $24.99 at Northern Tool.There are several quick change sanding disc systems that you can use with this 1/4″ collet angle grinder. McMaster, like always, has a great selection of abrasives for use with this tool. I really like the plastic fastener equivalent to 3M Roloc and Norton Speed-Lok TR styles. This is a great tool for removing a lot of material in a hurry. Be careful and go slow until you refine your technique.
  3. Mini random orbital sander. $119.99 at Northern Tool.I bought this tool for when I was refinishing the interior of 7346. This was the best $100 I ever spent on a tool. The 2″ and 3″ hook and loop pads are great for getting into those small corners that you thought you would have to sand by hand. Abrasive Resource has a nice selection of 2″ and 3″ sanding disks for this sander. The assortment that comes with the tool is not of much use.

As you can see, I highly recommend getting a decent shop compressor/tank for your tool collection. I have a 33 Gallon Craftsman model (similar to this) that I bought used from a friend. Besides sanding use, an impact wrench and an air ratchet are also extremely handy when doing work on your vehicles.