2022 505 North American – Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Monday, October 24th @ 17:30 PDT

Officers and Attendees:

President – Reeve Dunne

Vice President – Blaine Pedlow

Treasurer – Jeff Nelson

National Measurer – Russell Miller

Information Officer – Dave Kirkpatrick

Secretary – Chris Pittack

There were 33 participants that joined the Zoom meeting including the officers.

Reeve Dunne (Class President) opened the meeting with a brief summary of the year.

  • The class continues to show strength as COVID wanes globally
  • 30 boats at North Americans in Clearwater, FL including 2 international teams
  • Goal for 2023 North Americans is to +1 the international attendance to 3 boats
  • 21 US boats at Worlds in Cork, IRE (5 of top 10 were US)
  • Shoutout to 18 year old Morgan Pinckney & Garrett Brown who finished 6th at Worlds
  • 12 boats at West River (ECC’s)
  • 26 boats at Santa Cruz (PCC’s) during which the debriefs were rated 5 out of 5 stars
  • Howard Hamlin’s trailer was a huge success getting West Coast boats to the East Coast
  • Executive Committee:
    • Reeve Duane will sit another 2 years – maintain continuity thru 2023 West Coast Worlds
    • Jeff Nelson will sit another 2 years as Treasurer
    • Dave Kirkpatrick is stepping down (more below) as Information Officer

Jeff Nelson (Treasurer) provided an update on the class’ financial standing.

  • The class’ financial standing remained strong in 2022
  • Revenue rebounded from the prior year as sailors returned to their 5o5’s
  • Class revenue continues to be 100% generated by member dues and donations
  • Class collected some $7,200 in dues in 2022, up from $4,500 in 2021 but still short of a recent high of $8,600 in 2019.
  • Reminder to class to please pay dues even though you are not attending a national events
  • Annual Dues Auto Renew (via Clubspot)
    • Planned switch to auto-renew in January went relatively smoothly
    • Minor “opportunities” were quickly resolved (thank you Brendan)
    • Announcement of auto renewal process may not have been sent as planned
    • Executive Committee to follow-up on auto-renewal
  • Financial Review 2022:
    • Beginning Cash Balance:  $23,273
    • Dues/Donations:                $  7,155
    • Expenses:                          $  6,825
    • Ending Cash Balance:       $23,603
  • Proposed Budget 2023:
    • Beginning Cash Balance:  $23,600
    • Dues/Donations:                $  6,000
    • Expenses:                          $  7,400
    • Ending Cash Balance:       $22,600
  • PDF with details on 2022 Actuals and 2023 Budget sent to executive committee

Blaine Pedlow (Vice President) provided an update on executive committee meetings and the class’ annual awards


  • Dennis Surtees Award:  Reeve presented the award to Eric Anderson for his tireless work as the class travel coordinator during a extremely difficult period (covid & the global supply chain meltdown).  Eric was instrumental in getting West Coast teams to the Clearwater for NA’s as well as getting US Teams to Worlds in Cork.
  • Dave Cahn Award:  Blaine presented the award to Ethan Bixby for his long term dedication to the fleet and his selfless efforts/work on behave of the class.  In particular Ethan has been the driver of 5o5 racing in Clearwater, FL (mid-winters, training sessions and NA’s).


  • Class growth has been driven by increased participation at the the local level.  (Bellingham, WA)
  • Class growth is also driven by teams traveling (ECC’s, PCC’s and NA’s)
  • Reminded the class that participation in PCC’s, ECC’s and/or NA’s requires class membership dues be up to date.  Also reminded folks that this is written into the class constitution.

Russell Miller (Measurer) provided an update

  • No new hulls measured in 2022
  • Several replacement certificates were issued along with a few corrector updates
  • Rule clarification from International Class – centerboard inserts
    • Rule originally poorly written but spirit of rule is clear
    • Centerboard trunk should ONLY contain a centerboard and a gybe-stopper
    • Update to follow after International AGM – expect a new rule that legislates clarification
    • Expect new rule to be put to a class vote
  • Expect a busy 2023 leading up to SF Worlds – Thompson Boat Works building out 3 hulls
  • Measurer to publish a series of articles in 2023 to prepare sailors for Worlds measurement
  • Request from Measurer to Fleet
    • Prepare / organized early for Worlds = smoother Worlds experience
    • Reach out to Measurer EARLY with issues or questions
    • Remember – measurers at Worlds are volunteers; treat with respect and be patient

Dave Kirkpatrick (Information Officer) will step down and requested additional resources

  • Constant Content Creation (C3) is of paramount importance (timely & relevant)
  • C3 is extremely timing consuming – especially during lead-up to NA’s and/or Worlds
  • Recommended splitting his role into two separate roles (content & technology)
  • Exec. Comm approved use of marketing budget to acquire content
  • Member Paul Kueffner volunteered to help with content and information creation
  • Request for Regional Coordinators to feed content to central content coordinator
  • Recommendations were made to reach out to Ashley Love and Jordan Spencer
  • Recommendation to reach out to Caroline Rochford as well

2023 and 2024 North American Championships:  Mike Holt provided update on Santa Cruz

  • 2023 NA’s in Santa Cruz, CA (October)
    • World Championships will in Santa Cruz in 2023
    • Pre-Worlds will be considered as NA’s
    • Sail numbers must match hull number for both events
    • IF sail number is different than hull number  boat must file an application with the Race Committee
    • @ Risk – 1989 earthquake damaged the Collage Memorial Bridge
      • Event permit @ risk – city will not issue regatta permit until timing of repair in known
      • St. Francis YC is the back up location
      • SFYC only has availability 10 days earlier than SCYC
      • Most likely dates Sept 23rd thru Oct 1st
      • City Front race course – not Berkley Circle
      • SFYC has new dinghy launch ramp – no launching from Crissy Field
  • 2024 NA’s in Long Beach, CA (ABYC)
    • Kevin Taugher running point – more to come
    • Late spring regatta – currently slated for May 16th thru 19th
  • 2025 NA’s proposals due at AGM in Santa Cruz NA’s 2023

Regional Reports:


New Business:  

End of Meeting