2019 505 American Section – Annual General Meeting

Date: August 24th @ 5:05PM

Reeve Dunn (Class President) opened the meeting by thanking all for attending and giving special thanks to Brendan Heussler (Class Information Officer) and Parker Shinn (Social Media Director) for their work advancing the class’ online presence in 2019.

Reeve proclaimed that the state of the class is strong and getting stronger based on the fact that attendance at ECC’s and North American’s was up sharply versus the prior year.

Reeve highlighted that the American Section has some of the world’s best 505 sailors as evidenced by the fact that the top 3 finishers at 2019 Worlds and the top 2 finishers at the European championship were American teams.

Reeve challenged the group to increase North American attendance to 60 boats and to lure at least 2 boats from Europe; the idea is to make the North Americans a premier global event similar to the European Championships.

Paul Von Grey read the Treasurer’s report.  (See Attached)

Mike Holt read the Information Officer’s report. (See Attached)

Paul Von Grey announced the winner of the 2019 Dennis Surtees award as Brendan Heussler for his work revamping the class’ website, rebuilding the annual membership database and moving the class to Clubspot.

Mike Holt announced the winner of the 2019 Dave Cahn award as Bryan Richardson for his work running the monthly leadership meetings and creating the most comprehensive budget the class has ever known.

Officer Elections – Jeff Nelson volunteered to become the class Treasurer to replace Bryan Richardson who is stepping down.  No other changes were announced.

Mike Martin introduced two conversations regarding possible rules changes.

  1. Slot Gasket Fasteners – after many unsuccessful experiments to attach his slot gaskets without fasteners Mike recommended that the class adopt language that calls for slot gaskets being mechanically attached using screw fasteners. This change would eliminate any ambiguity as to the methodology for attaching slot gaskets and calling for standardization across the fleet.  The members in attendance voted in support.
  2. Foam Inserts – in the past foam inserts were used in the trunk case to help stop “geysers” during high-speed wire reaching. The insert’s legality was questioned under the rule that the class does not allow any movable equipment in the trunk and the foam inserts (inserted after launch) were deemed to be movable and therefore illegal.  The motion to allow foam inserts was countered by Ted Conrads who argued that proper maintenance of slot gaskets prevented “geysers” and that the foam inserts would create needless consternation about type, form, and construction of foam inserts.  The members in attendance voted to not support.

2020 Worlds Sweden:  Reeve provided an update that the dates of the Sweden worlds were, at this late date, still in flux.  According to Reeve the club where the worlds are to be held was privatized and that the original August dates might be shifted to September.  The monthly shift was driven by revenue pressures on the newly privatized club; August being more valuable than September.

2020 Worlds Sweden:  A show of hands of people interested in shipping their boats to Sweden indicated that only 2 US teams were interested in shipping their boats.  The remaining interested teams already keep boats in Europe.

2020 North Americans ABYC:  The dates of the event are to be determined in part as a result of the shifting dates of the 2020 Sweden Worlds and feedback on the best time of year for wind in Long Beach.

2021 North Americans Clearwater:  Ethan Bixby floated the idea of hosting 2021 NA’s at Clearwater, FL.  The idea would be to have NA’s in Clearwater and then for teams to store their boats inexpensively in Clearwater for a few months.  The impetus to store boats in Clearwater is driven by the idea that teams can ship inexpensively to Bermuda for 2021 Worlds via Jacksonville, FL.  Additionally, there was a discussion on linking NA’s with Mid-Winters.  Jacksonville is one of two east coast ports shipping to Bermuda and is RORO (roll on – roll off).  Members in attendance voted in support of this idea.  Ethan to provide possible dates for NA’s and Mid-Winters

2022 Worlds Santa Cruz:  The members in attendance voted in support of placing a bid for 2022 Worlds at Santa Cruz (Mike Holt).