Started at 9:09 AM PST, Minutes by Eric Anderson

Officers in attendance: Russell Miller – Measurer

  • Russell: Welcome, thanks to StFYC. Attempted to have conference call with absent officers on the line, unfortunately was not able to get it set up.
  • Approval of 2017 AGM Minutes (have been posted on 505 site).

Motion to accept carries

Officer’s reports:

  • President (Ian)
    • Russell shared Ian’s report from June/July. Should have been emailed to all class members
    • There are stated yearly goals in this doc, if you have ideas about implementation/other ideas please reach out to Leadership Team.
    • President and Information officer up for reelection.
  • VP (PVG) Not here because injured back, no report, but helped Russell withplans at this AGM.
  • Secretary/Treasurer (Bryan Richardson). If someone is interested in taking onSecretary, please speak to leadership team.

■ Hi Russ,

Please pass this along to the AGM membership as well as my regrets for not being able to present.

In the spirit of transparency and fiscal stewardship, the American Section leadership team is pleased to share a profit and loss and income statement for the International 5o5 American Section. I am pleased to report that the state of the fiscal union for the American Section is strong thanks to the steady hand of Macy Nelson before me as well as an engaged and motivated leadership team currently with the Section. With the increased membership registration at the NAs, current cash on hand is $17,775. For quarter two, as voted on at the last AG, we anticipate an expenditure of $2,000 for subsidies for boat travel to San Francisco as well as fees for website hosting, and paypal. I project that the American section will end Q2 2018 in a strong and consistent cash position of $15,563. For the remainder of the calendar year, as approved at the 2017 AGM in Annapolis, we project $1,000 for a training subsidy. Forecasted revenue for Q3 2018 to Q2 2019 stem from the timing of re-ocurring memberships. With these budgeted expenses for subsidies for training and containers, we are projected to have a net revenue position of $15,505 by the end of the calendar year. We anticipate additional revenues as members pay American Section dues in order to compete the in the ECCs. We do not expect these new revenues to offset projected expenses resulting in a net revenue resulting in a lower net revenue position.

The leadership team is pleased to report that we will be entering into an agreement with Coral Reef to provide a web based store for 5o5 American Section clothing, swag, bags, and other class gear. Coral Reef partnered with SSA and EYC to produce regatta clothing for the 2017 SAP 5O5 World Championships. Working with Coral Reef, this web store will also provide a revenue source for the class as the American Section will receive 10% of all sales on the site. The site and logos are currently underway and we look forward to releasing the site later in Q3.

One subject I would request that the AGM discuss is the payment terms for subsidies paid for boat travel to regattas. As mentioned, we will be providing a $2,000 subsidy for travel from the East Coast to the NAs this year. In talking with members, there is not universal agreement that this subsidy is incenting boat travel that would not otherwise already happen. I am interested to hear from membership whether there are ideas how we can manage these funds so that they might better contribute to an outcome of encouraging sailors who might not otherwise travel for the North American Championships.

Thank you to all of the volunteer leaders who make this class great and

best of luck on the race course in San Francisco.

  • Have about 17.5k in bank now, 15.5k by end of year.
  • Andy Zinn: Please include past year financial reports in current financialreports
  • Information Officer Report (Brendan Huessler)
    • Hey guys, I apologize that I’m not going to be able to make the call. I wanted to report that I have been working closely with Courtney Starks on the new website. The goals for the new site are
      • Present an attractive home page to prospective members, hopefully to be used for new member capture
      • Automate existing tasks like managing and maintaining classifieds
      • Centralize online resources like boat projects and Tank Talk in one placeWith this migration, my goal is to maintain the excellent work from members in the past; and just modernize our web presence. We are a national chapter. One of the disadvantages we have to deal with is never being able to communicate in person. For that reason, I think we need to focus on better leveraging the internet and technology to our advantage.R1 of the new site will have existing functionality, with an improved automated classifieds. We are shooting for a launch in September. R2 we will focus on generating revenue with the new site with features including Automated Ads and Featured Classifieds (paid)Part of the redesign is a new logo that Courtney Starks is working on. We will make apparel available through CRSA. Bryan, can elaborate on their offer, but they will maintain on online store for merchandise for us and we will get 10% of all revenue.One thing I’d like to work on is our Social Media presence. I don’t have a solution for this, but I think we need to do a better job.
    • Parker Shinn to assume instagram/social media outreach role
  • Measurer’s Report:
    • Russell has spent the year learning, thanks to Holtie for flying him to westcoast to learn about measurement.
    • Next Year: Publish some SOP’s for measurement for new owners/newmembers (“How to transfer certificates, how to handle changes in ownership”)

Holtie: International Class working on digitizing certificates.

Discussion of Subsidies for Travel

  • Region One (Duane):
    • Email contents
    • Props to Duane for continuing engagement and pushing events.
    • Demo/recruiting day was done at Cedar Point Yacht Club
  • Region 2 (Macy):
    • Tyler’s group in Hampton, and WRSC/SSA in the north. Lots of good hulls and boats, but short on people.
  • Howie Hamlin: Per Morgan Larson, 5o5 is the best dinghy out there.
  • Region 6: Growing fleet, lots of young sailors, constrained by functional boats and budget. Lower turnout than usual this year, but health is good.
  • Executive committee recommended dues stay at current levels. AGM would like to raise class dues, consensus proposal is to have the executive committee come back with a firm proposal for use of extra money.
    • Professional PR
    • NA’s and Worlds Subsidies

2019 Officer Elections

Information Officer (Brendan Huessler is willing to continue)

Parker Shinn to work on social media presence


  • Reeve Dunne elected President
  • The class thanks Ian Conners for his service as president.

NA are in Kingston Yacht Club (not CORK), organized by Jeff Boyd 8/7-11


Proposal from Parker to register VERY EARLY for NA’s
Important that the class itself promotes this event, may not have tons of support for Jeff Boyd

Lots of ■

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

NA Proposals
ABYC proposes to host. Kevin Taugher is driving more than Howie Zinn will handle housing for traveling teams.

interest from West Coast Craig Thompson
Mike Martin
Parker Shinn
Reeve Dunne Mike Holt

New Business:

  • Freemantle Shipping costs
    • Reeve to follow up US Sailing to get worlds grant
  • StFYC Sailing Foundation (Parker, Howie, Mike)
  • Howie (Newport Harbor Foundation)
  • SAP Worlds can also support containers

NA Shipping Subsidy

  • 2017, west coasters never recieved, should look into this since small EC turnout was given Subsidy

West Coast Worlds Planning

  • Class needs to be ready to submit bid for next US worlds. Long term planning required. Next possible year would likely be 2023

Class PR/Recruitment

  • Regatta Reports are our most valuable PR resource that we are notleveraging. Class should invest in ensuring coverage at the “Majors”(NA, ECC, PCC, MW). Could be as simple as hiring someone to create professionally written/edited reports with photos and pushing to news outlets or include video coverage (drones or howie’s helicopter)
  • Parker Shinn volunteered to be Social Media Manager. He started a class instagram account. Will need help generating content but will will manage distribution.
  • Matt Barry has some great drone footage of practice days
  • Class needs to leverage host clubs media people. StFYC was asked toget photos and do writeups of the regatta
  • The class goal needs to be driving participation up at the majors. The goalshould be no less than 50 boats at NAs ○ USCup

Reeve thinks setting up a US Cup similar to Euro Cup should help drive participation at the majors