2017 AGM at Annapolis – Secretary’s Notes

Date: 9/25/17 start time 9:00AM

Information Officer – Craig Thompson is stepping down.

Nominations – Brendan Heussler, has been working closely with Craig for the past year – new class Information Officer approved

Mike Holt is becoming Vice President of Class and so is stepping down as class measurer.  Ali and Mike Holt discuss the difficulty of getting an official measure; either sails or boat.  Discussion around having multiple points/officials to measure sails and boats regionally to make it easier and simpler to sails and boats measured.  New class measurer to work on developing regional measurers.

PVG:  Have the international class sponsor and support sending international measurer to major events to teach and provide guidelines and counsel to the new measurers.

Holtie:  We don’t measure enough and so the exact process is a bit clouded.  This is a global issue and leads to “rumors” and misunderstanding of the rules.  For example structural lead.

Macy:  Administrative issues.  Tracking certificates has become harder and need to move forward with technology.  PDF online of all certificates?  Pay to download the PDF?

Nominations – Russel Miller – unanimous vote – new class measurer approved.

Treasurer – Macy is stepping down.  Balance $9,900.00 Estimated to be.

Nominations – Bryan Richardson – unanimous approval


Region 1 – good season, NA, ECC good participation but looks light next year.  Lost some boats (1 UK and 2 wives/girlfriends).  Loaner boats available for region 1 events.  About recruitment and getting to Region 2 events to increase participation.

Region 2 – higher than normal attendance this year due to Worlds at Annapolis.  Thanks to the Hampton fleet for all their help.  Bryan moving to Seattle and leaving job as Fleet Captain of SSA.  Fleet looking forward to down time but eager for the next challenges.

California – Regular circuit.  Aaron working hard on scheduling and doing the hard work of scheduling.  Thanks to Howie on running the clinic.  5 boats at StF YC.  Monterey fleet is growing with the largest problem being whales taking boats out.

PNW – doing well!  Gorge events and Yale Lake (well attended).  Seattle is bit stagnant due to multiple distractions.  Bellingham is doing great.  9 boats in Bellingham and the fear was that interest wains after NA’s but that didn’t happen.  Importance of active e-mail lists to “keep the stoke” and new 6 boat 505 trailer to haul boats up and down the coast.  25 people at the ski day at Mt Baker (great time) community off the water is important.  Important to draw younger sailors out especially the 420 sailors (no chutes).

Chicago Region – still alive?  Boats in Chicago but no activity since 2010 NA’s because Craig and JB left the region.

Treasurer – $12K and change in the two accounts.  “Let’s spend it”.  Didn’t spend money on container subsidy for NA’ nor was the budgeted training expense used.  Short fall in revenue in NA’s in New England this year based on 30 boats and two sponsors pulled out.  $2K short.  Macy asked if the class pay back Fleet 1.  Learning – shipping boats across the country twice in one year is challenge.  Drew $4K shortfall.  Proposal – reimburse Drew $3K and pass the hat for the additional $1K.  Approved.  Bryan will send e-mail to class with details of how to donate to the community boating center.

Question to break down revenue and expenses.  $800 due to international class dues.  Tank Talk publication is saving money.  Container subsidies and NA’s reimbursement.  Ian has a class budget and is available on class website.  Sponsorship video cost us $1000.

2018 NA’s @ St Francis:  Boats at the club, ramps & cranes.  2 courses city front and Alcatraz.  One course one day another August 8 thru 12.  Not the windiest month but most consistent.  100% of the days it blows over 15 knots.  Registration and practice on the 8th.   9th 2 races and the third race will be the bay to bay bridge.   Friday/Saturday 3 races days – Sunday one race day with organized debriefs afterwards by Holtie and Howie.  SF is great city lost to do with the family.  Mike Martin is the chairman.

2019 NA’s presentation requests:  rumor is that Kingston/Ontario.  Jeff Boyd wasn’t in attendance but more to follow.

2020 Worlds @ St Francis:  StF is chomping at the bit to have worlds again.  Feedback was that Richmond Circle was not a good idea so they intend to run Alcatraz races.  Holtie – Bermuda and Sweden for 2020 presenting at International AGM.  But StF in 2020 breaks the Northern/Southern/European switching protocal.  Discussion on will StF do the gate start and one class given the current?  Will they do 80 boats?  Shipping traffic and issue?  470/29ner worlds there before (Alcatraz).  StF does big boat series so vessel traffic is not a big issue.  Will class lose control? Holtie – absolutely not!  StF will do whatever we want the run major regatta and worlds every year!

2020 Long Beach (ABYC) is also interested but does not have proposal.  Bermuda or Sweden vote – Bermuda carried the majority.  Long Beach will send in a proposal to Ian.  2020 would be first opportunity to run NA’s on west coast.  Having NA’s and worlds on west coast at same time.  AGM 2018 have proposal ready for 2020 NA’s.

New Business Requests:  Jesse – who are under 30 = 7 how many own boats = 2 too few people under 30 participating in worlds.  Running a worlds is no guarantee that young people will come nor new sailors to the class.  Leadership starts at the local level – request to drive enthusiasm at the local level.  For example – Bryan Richardson came in not as a great sailor but as having certain attributes.  The mantle will be passing to the young and the request is that the young people step up and carry the mantle of the class – please accept this responsibility and work with the elders to help the class flourish.

Ian – “I know sales – there is a need in the US”.  People just don’t know that there are faster and better boats out there.  Junior development is lacking due to low US participation in Olympic sailing.  Need to work with US Junior Sailing to get a scheduled regatta at a Junior Event or to bring a few boats to these events.  Do a clinic, show some boats and sail some events with the juniors and show off the boats.  Get dates from US Sailing and schedule events around that calendar.

Dave Cahn Award – PVG requests more participation.  Dave was great guy and that person who you wanted to drink a beer with.  Pierre wins the award.

Dennis Serteze Award – dedication to class and in recognition of effort to the class.  Jesse Falsone for running 3 major regattas in recent memory.  Thanks all the volunteers who helped to organize the events.

Meeting adjourned.