2016 505 Class- American Section General Meeting
Saturday June 4
Location: Bellingham Yacht Club
Class officers attending:
Ian Conners- President
Paul Von Grey- Vice President
Macy Nelson- Treasurer
Craig Thompson- Information Officer
Regional Reports Given
Report on 2017 NA’s given
2018 NA’s proposals requested – none were ready by AGM – St. Francis YC & Long Beach gave verbal proposals with promise to have written proposals submitted within two weeks after the AGM.
Budget Review & Ratification
-A discussion was held about whether to continue with paper dues mailings given the cost. Ultimately a proposal was put forth to send a reminder postcard in 2017, and move entirely to electronic dues collection in 2018. This proposal was voted on and ratified.
-Financially the class is in great shape. With the extra money in our account, several proposals were made to spend some of that money. The first of these was to allocate $3,000 for training events in 2017 to be split evenly among the regions. This proposal was voted on and accepted.
-After a long discussion about NA’s scheduling with the worlds, a proposal was put forth to add an extra $2,500 in offsets to each container coming over for the 2017 North American championships, if two west coast containers were brought over. This proposal was voted on and accepted.
Vote on Seattle Fleet
A vote was held to ratify the formation of a new fleet in Seattle. The new fleet was approved.
President: Standing president Ian Conners was voted to stay in role
Information Officer: Standing information officer Craig Thompson was voted to stay in role
Secretary: Chris Pittack was voted in as the new secretary