2014 505 Class Annual Meeting
May 23, 2014
Santa Cruz Yacht Club
Class Officers Attending
JB Turney: VP
Craig Thompson: Information Officer
Macy Nelson: Treasurer
Matt Barry: Secretary
Mike Holt: Measurer
Class Officers Not Present
Ted Conrads: President
Meeting called to order at 9:15am by American Section VP JB Turney
JB Turney presented on behalf of Ted and in his VP capacity
Class is quite strong. West coast fleet is doing well.
Many good used boats on the market
Need to continue to bring more people into the class
Light US participation at 2014 Worlds in Kiel
Macy Nelson presented the treasurer report
We have approximately $24.5K of cash in the bank
The class decided to buy two new scales for each coast. Prior to events, scales must be certified and calibrated. Class measurer is in charge of making sure this is done
Drew presented the NE England regional Report.
AYC fleet has died. Newport is new focal point. Several training events lined up
Macy presented the Mid-Atlantic regional report
Hampton, West River, and SSA are all doing well
SSA is working towards improving their fleet, wants help
JB recommends the “field of dreams approach” towards building a fleet
Focus on people that will get there in the class. Spirited discussion on what types of people we want with the ultimate decision that we can’t focus on people who are never going to be able to commit the time or money
Howard presented the Southern West Coast report
Working to bringing the 29er class into the 505 class
Recommends telling them they can’t sail until their grades get better
Aaron presented the NorCal report
Bay area fleet is going strong
Not a whole lot of stuff on the schedule due to Worlds, but no one is going
Ben Glass presented the NW report
Port Townsend fleet is upgrading their boats to modern standards
Russell Miller presented the information regarding the 2017 Annapolis World Bid
SSA will be co-hosting with Eastport YC. Memorandum of Understanding between clubs; however logistics are still being worked out
NAs in the third week of September 2015 will be at SSA
No Proposals for NAs in 2016.
Long Beach, Seattle, and the Gorge will be explored as potential venues
An online ballot will be put out to the members on the website.
An issue regarding the Holger Boats was discussed. There has been lead found in Holger’s boats in the traveler bar, a clear violation of the measurement rules.
A draft letter to the international measurer will be created (Bill Sommersett) and posted on the class website for comments
Ian Conners was elected Class President
A proposal for multi-year membership was not successful due to logistical challenges to the treasurer
JB presented the results of class development events
The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 am