Secretary / Treasurer’s Report – To be provided by Macy Nelson
Over 20k in class account. Historical average of about 5k in account historically after paying international dues of approx 1000 per year and funding tank talk. Tank talk used to cost approx 2000 per year, about ½ of which was recovered through advertising. Mike Holt suggest more subsidy for NA’s shipping as a use for the excess cash.
Macy Nelson proposes that Class officers propose a budget, post to website, and membership has one month to comment before budget is finalized. Ted asks for rough show of hands on who thinks money should go to NAs transit subsidy versus training and development events. This was not executed. JB suggest spending excess capital for class development while using continuing revenue for NAs transit subsidy.
Class officer authorized to allocate up to 15k up to 2017 on class development. Goal is to grow number leading up to 2017 worlds.
Carl Smit proposes 1st time NAs participants get entry fee waived/paid for by the class.
Regional Reports
Aaron Ross – Great clinic in Santa Cruz. Pathetic turnout at spring and summer regattas, had to cancel two regattas due to lack of boats. This was mainly due to worlds. How to handle schedule of local events when worlds shipping conflicts.
Macy Nelson – Not great turnouts, but momentum is building. A lot of new people who are committed to sailing. Thinks world in 2017 will insert a lot of energy into region.
Krysia Phol/PVG – Decent couple of regattas. Were expecting bigger turnout at Gorge, followed by BC PCCs. Port Townshend Fleet is strong and sailing regularly. Main guys in downtown Seattle are not sailing regularly. How to get young sailors from universities into the boat? PVG mentioned that the nature of the coaching at clinics is very important, need to get the right attitude on the water.
Stephen Long – Zero boats going on one. Lots of good used boats for sale that is good for the class.
Tom Kivney – Good schedule with regular regattas each year. Good group of young guys down in Newport. Need to be protective of local sailing schedule. Thinks 2017 worlds in Annapolis will be hugely important.
Adam Gesing – Canada. Strong fleets in Toronto, Ottawa. Class communication in Canada is fading, discussed combining website efforts with US class.
Election / Resignation of Class Officers
JB re-elected as vice president of class
Secretary/treasurer split and Matt Barry voted as Secretary. Macy Nelson continues as Tresusrer.
Mike Holt Continues as National Measurer
U.S. 2017 Worlds Bid Presentation
Annapolis – Jesse Falsone
Sept 20-30 2017. Standard Format. May be 2 day pre-worlds format. Prior to the boatshowns. Europeans would prefer later fall schedule. Good core team of class members willing to put the time in to help organize. Great Race Committee group in place to run the racing. SSA went through major renovation. Average wind velocity is 11 knots. Wind direction is variable. Primarily frontal conditions.
2014 / 2015 U.S. Schedule
North Americans – 2014 Santa Cruz Memorial day weekend, 2015 Annapolis same timeframe as worlds
Pacific Coast Champs – TBD
East Coast Champs – TBD
Measurers Report – Mike Holt
Rondars have not been measuring in. Rondar needs to redo their molds. Ovington will no longer be building boats for Rondar. Ovington will continue building boats for Holger. New builder in Poland and Parkers building boats again.
U.S. Sailing Grant
Jesse Falsone recently asked that the group discuss the class officers’ decision to allocate the $4,000 U.S. sailing grant to shipping for the east and west coast containers to the Barbados World Championships rather than to the top two teams at the 2012 North American Championships.  As way of background, previously the class had applied for a U.S. Sailing Grant.  U.S. Sailing required that the grant go to the top two U.S. teams.  The class subsequently petitioned U.S. Sailing to allow for the grant to go to shipping.  In the fall of 2012 U.S. Sailing gave permission to the class to make this change.  Ted Conrads as Class President held a meeting with the class officers at or around October, 2013.  The Class Officers unanimously voted to apply the grant to the containers rather than the top two finishers.  Jesse Falsone was informed by Macy Nelson of this decision in the fall of 2012.
Report on Development and Training Clinics
Report from Craig Thompson on Website Development, etc.
Available Boats For Sale and Encouraging Class Participation
Worlds Bid
Worlds Bids Selection Process
Discuss process for formalizing U.S. worlds bids in the future given changes at the international level.  The customary standard has shifted such that it is necessary for host countries to submit proposals 3 years ahead of time rather than the specified 2 years.  The U.S. needs to provide greater consistency and class consensus to make a formal proposals.