At the AGM this year, Jeff Nelson and Macy Nelson were re-elected! We had a lengthy discussion of ways that we could make the measurement process easier without losing its effectiveness. We were unable to come up with a better process than the one in effect.

We also discussed the Gate Start and a majority felt that the instructions should be changed to allow the Gate to open as soon as the Rabbit rounds the pin. The Class also felt strongly that the Gate Launch status should be changed so that it is considered a mark of the course and thus hitting it would result in a penalty turn instead of disqualification. Mike Martin presented this and explained that under the current rules, a give-way yacht is encouraged to hit the boat to leeward if given the choice of hitting the Gate Launch or the leeward yacht. This can easily result in the crew of the leeward yacht being injured (potentially severely) in such an altercation. It was decided to present this at next years AGM in Palermo.

Also, the Class felt that once the rabbit rounded the port limit mark, the gate should be open regardless of whether the starting gun had sounded or not. This will also be brought up at Palermo.

In other items, the 2009 NA’s will be during the Pre-Worlds. Interest was expressed for Chicago for 2010 NA’s. An exploratory committee was formed for a possible 2011 or 2013 Worlds bid. Erik Boothe was going to explore the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. Steve Adolph was going to look into Kingston, and Doug McKiege also volunteered to help with this.