Class officer elections:

Macy Nelson, Treasurer and Secretary

Jeff Nelson, Vice President


Mike Martin brought up the “Drug Dealer” method of recruiting where by we get kids hooked on the class by making 505s available for free or a very reduced rate. We agreed in principle that the class would get behind an initiative to purchase a new Fremantle boat and make it available as a charter boat to go to a targeted high caliber potential team. It is going to require donations in dollars and gear above and beyond membership subscriptions. Please stand by for a more comprehensive communication on how this charter program will be implemented.

There was a lot of good debate about how to recruit. Many folks expressed their views about what was working, what was not. Happily there is abundant enthusiasm for more recruiting!!!

President’s report:

Tylor described some of the recruitment efforts going on at local levels, case in point the mentoring of High School/ college sailors both in Hampton, Virginia and in Long Beach, California. Tyler mentioned some of the successes around the country. In addition, Jay Bergquist was highlighted for his work on the American Section website.


There was a bit of discussion about a recruitment DVD. In the end, I believe the class has a bunch of DVDs at it’s disposal, what needs to be done is to get them out to regional reps so that they will be able to distribute them more effectively.

Technical committee:

Mike Martin gave us a brief on the centerboard length limitation rule before the international technical committee. In short there is an initiative in some European countries to limit the length to 1.4 m below the keel band. This would in effect make some of the newer high aspect boards illegal. The American Section is behind an initiative to make the length 1.5 m below the keel band which would allow most of the production high aspect boards to be legal, but rule out some of the more complicated devices. Mike explained that the rule would be governed by an arc swung from the tip of the blade to the intersection of the keel band. This issue will need to go to international postal ballot if it is accepted.

There was a short discussion about lifting pins with the consensus from the survey that the rule should not be changed.

NAs and Worlds dates and locations:

2006 NAs St Francis YC, San Francisco California 16-19 August 2006

2007 NAs SSA or West River SC, Maryland, last weekend in October 2007 TBD

2008 Worlds StFYC, San Francisco, California September 2008 Proposed — TBD