President’s Report to the 2003 AGM

Well folks, it’s been a year. While I can honestly say I enjoy performing the duties as President of the American Section, I also have to admit I wish could have done more. It is apparent to me what an incredible job Jesse did as compared to me. It is probably obvious to some of you also, but I won’t mention those names.

I would like to recognize the efforts of some key people in our association. Randy Watler for volunteering to maintain the website. It’s not a lot of work, but it is a job that relies o n getting timely regatta reports and news from other members.Mark Angliss and Ali Meller for making the Harken one-Design of the Month page in Sailing World. It took many hours and emails working with the folks at Harken to make it all accurate. Sue Athmann and Jesse Falsone for the continued success of Tank Talk.

Ted Ferrarone and Fred Liesegang for making my job manageable. I will miss them both, but I feel confident that their replacements will step up and do what it takes.

Speaking of doing what it takes, the Santa Cruz yacht Club World’s Planning Committee is doing what it takes to make a fantastic event next August. As I write this, I can not name the company, but we have secured a title sponsor for the 2004 Worlds. It’s a company we are all familiar with, and it should prove to be a mutually beneficial arrangement.

My final topic is titled “Volunteering: It’s not just for suckers anymore.” This is your association, and it’s up to you to maintain and improve it. Most people will volunteer if asked directly. It worked o n me last year. But we should not have to corner people to get things done. Ask yourself, “What would I like to get out of the association that I’m not getting now?” There are local, regional and national duties, and there is room for everyone who wants to help. I think a goal to strive for is taking on one job at least every five years. Over the last twelve months, I have heard several people avoid new duties because they volunteered for something 5, 10, or even 20 years ago. That’s great, but it’s probably your time again. If Jesse found the time with at least 3 kids in diapers, none of us has an excuse.

I apologize for not attending this year’s North Americans. I am still learning how to blow off the family more than every other year. In summary, I look forward to performing my duties next year. Once it’s all over, I’ll be able to look back and be proud that I pulled it off, hopefully.

Get Stoked, Aaron Ross USA 7156